How To Build Customer Loyalty Using Customer Service Surveys

Few things can take a company further faster than good customer service. People talk, and when customers are pleased with services rendered, they share a pleasant experience with their friends, family, and neighbors. In turn, those people may come into your store to try your services because they trust the word of the one they heard the news from. Over time, you can build a solid customer base simply by offering good service.

Keeping Customers

Everyone likes to feel important, and that is especially true of long-term customers that have faithfully used your services or purchased our product for many years. One of the key factors in keeping customers is not the amount your company charges, but rather, it is the way your clients feel about your goods or services. If you build a relationship with your customers, or your clients believe they have a relationship with you, a sense of brand or service loyalty can easily develop.

Listening to Customers

One of the best ways to find out what customers are thinking about your services or products is to ask. Although that may sound easy, it can be more difficult than assumed. Talking to each shopper takes time, and it can be difficult to remember who said that after a long day and a constant stream of customers. That is why many business owners have turned to surveys as a way to contact their regulars, and once returned, the data can easily be calculated to establish customer satisfaction.

Survey of Customers

A survey must be simple and very short if you expect to get the information back because most people will not fill out long pages of information about how they feel about your company. Asking just a few questions, and offering a discount or raffle for a valuable prize can be one way to get the surveys returned because people love free items and discounts. Additionally, those individuals that fill out a positive survey and return it may feel a deeper sense of loyalty as they project their needs and feelings into your company. If you do receive negative feedback, take the time to respond to those individuals, and help mend the relationship if possible.

A customer service survey may seem like an inefficient way to receive feedback from customers, but it has been proven to be effective time and again. If your customers believe their opinions matter, they may be loyal for life.


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