Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Financial Solutions With Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Plan, grow or expand your company with unsecured business lines of credit. An unsecured line of credit can help you can access funding when needed. As the name implies, unsecured loans do not need any collateral behind them. The amount available often depends upon several factors such as your creditworthiness and the profit and loss record of your company. Many times, these lines of credit have lower interest rates than term loans.

Who Benefits?

Credit lines often help companies with expenses. Business owners, startups and individuals looking to follow their entrepreneurial dreams usually can establish an unsecured line of credit between $25,000 and $50,000 based on a qualifying credit score.

For established businesses with revenues of $1 million to $10 million, the line of credit typically offered ranges between $100,000 and $500,000. If qualified for an unsecured business line of credit from Athens Alternative Lending Solutions, the benefits can include

  • No collateral needed
  • No subprime loans
  • Easy pre-qualification
  • Zero percent introductory rates for business credit cards
  • One to five percent introductory rates for larger lines of credit

Next Steps

Reach out to one of our representatives today for a no-obligation pre-qualification screening. This screening takes ten minutes and requires a $45 credit check. An unsecured line of credit is minutes away.