Equipment Financing

Why You Should Choose Equipment Financing and Leasing

Whether you need to acquire heavy equipment or computer hardware, the professionals at Athens Alternative Lending Solutions offer the best solutions for all your equipment financing and leasing needs. Most middle market and large ticket applications are approved in fewer than five business days, while lesser amounts are often approved in just 24 hours. Our options feature repayment terms of up to 84 months along with competitive interest rates. For companies in business more than two years, we offer low or no down payment, flexible repayment terms, no financial statement required for amounts up to $150,000, and middle market amounts up to $500,000, with higher amounts for big ticket items.

Benefits of Leasing

Keep cash free for daily operations by choosing one of our lease financing options. Equipment leasing options benefit your business in these ways:

  • It keeps current credit lines intact.
  • It offers monthly payments that are low and fixed.
  • It provides tax and accounting advantages.
  • It ensures equipment is not obsolete.

Financing Options Available

Do you own a business that has been established for fewer than two years or is a startup? Equipment financing provides the services and products needed for success.

Create working capital by using the equity in existing equipment with a Sale & Lease Back program. With this option, we purchase the needed equipment and lease it back to you for the duration of the lease term. Ownership is then transferred to you once all payments are made.

With access to municipal and government leasing programs, we can supply guaranteed approval of financing to entities such as these:

  • Public Schools
  • Libraries
  • Fire Houses
  • Police Departments
  • State Agencies
  • Armed Services
  • Federal Government Agencies

For entities with less than ideal credit, financing options are available through B, C and D credit programs. Companies dealing with economic downturns or impaired credit histories can improve their credit standing and access needed funds through these programs.

Contact a member of our finance team today. We are waiting to discuss the equipment financing and leasing options available to your business.