Accounts Receivable

Turn Your Accounts Receivable Into a Financial Asset

Does your business model allow customers 90 days or more to pay for your products and services? If so, financing receivables could provide the liquidity you need. Athens Alternative Lending Solutions can help you utilize this alternate form of revenue.

How Does It Work?

Your company sells its accounts receivable invoices at a discount to Athens Alternative Lending Solutions. In this arrangement, we assume the risk and you receive an immediate cash payment, allowing you to generate funding without relying on your own credit.

What Are the Benefits?

Even if your company is a start-up, is losing money or is in bankruptcy, you can still qualify for accounts receivable financing. Financing with Athens Alternative Lending Solutions comes with a host of benefits, including the following:

  • Credit insurance at no cost for qualifying accounts
  • Cash in 24 hours
  • No personal guarantees
  • No fixed payments
  • No recourse
  • No arbitrary decisions from loan boards

As your sales and receivables increase, your funding will increase, allowing you to take larger or unexpected orders. You can make decisions for your business, knowing you have a reliable source of capital.

How Can You Apply?

The specialists at Athens Alternative Lending Solutions are ready to help you plan your financing future. Call today to submit a no-cost, obligation-free application.